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Your pet is a member of your family, which is why you want to get the best veterinary and pet health-related services. In order to keep your pet healthy and happy, it is important to ensure they get regular checkups and including dental care. Without proper attention to dental health, teeth can become sensitive and even cause other health issues that pose a serious threat to their well being. Those who live in the Charlotte, NC area can count on Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital to provide those services.


The Importance Of Pet Dental Health

Caring properly for your pet's teeth and gums is an important part of keeping them healthy. Those who fail to get the proper dental care and services, leave their pets vulnerable to a variety of health hazards including periodontal disease. There may also be times where the unexpected occurs, such as pain and swelling of the mouth and surrounding tissue. Your pet may also develop some common dental issues such as bad breath or tartar buildup, which are easily treatable with proper treatment and regularly scheduled dental exams in conjunction with good oral care at home. We can help them with these, and many more issues that can develop over the course of their lives.

Top Pet Dental Health Services In Charlotte, NC

Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital serves the residents of Charlotte, NC and is proud to offer high-quality veterinarian services for their pets. Some of the expert dental services that our clinic offers include routine cleanings, repairs, extractions, and filing. Additionally, we can screen for a variety of conditions such as issues with the tissues of the gums and mouth, bleeding gums, excessive tartar buildup, tumors and cysts, and periodontal disease, for example. Although these regular screenings can help detect problems, you may also notice a change in your pet's behavior, which should prompt an immediate screening to address potential issues. Should there be a problem, minor or serious, we have the knowledge and equipment to address it on-site.

If you are looking for an established, reputable veterinarian facility offering a complete range of dental services for both common and more serious conditions, call Quail Hallow Veterinary Hospital, serving Charlotte, NC, and see how we can help keep your pet healthy and happy with top quality pet dental services.

Pet Dental Care FAQs with Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte, NC

Like humans, pets need regular dental care in order to maintain their oral health. Many new pet owners wonder about this process and just how it works. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, courtesy of Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte, NC.

Why is Pet Dental Health Important?

The immediate reason is that bad dental health results in pain for your pet and this pain can be extreme. It interferes with proper eating and causes a miserable life. Looking deeper, poor dental health can result in malnutrition, infections, and general bad health. As in humans, it is believed that gum infections and other problems can cause systemic infections that interfere with heart function and other essential bodily processes.

What Types of Problems Can a Veterinarian's Dental Exam Screen For?

Plaque, cavities, and broken teeth are the first things that the vet will look for, but these are just the start. The mouth will be examined for tumors, embedded foreign bodies, infection, and even a broken jaw. Dogs that love to chew things are especially prone to getting foreign objects jammed into their gums or breaking their teeth – or even their jaws – while cats are more prone to tumors and infections. Still, all animals are checked for the full array of potential oral problems.

Common Pet Dental Problems

The most common pet dental problems are similar to those in humans: Plaque, tartar, gum disease, and cavities. The first three are related. Plaque hardens into tartar, and tartar leads to gum disease. This is especially problematic in pets because many animals don't take too well to having their teeth brushed. Owners, in turn, do the job less frequently than they should (and in some cases, can't do it at all), so tartar accumulates more than it does in people.

Cavities are less rare in animals than in some people, but they still occur and must be found and fixed in order to avoid excruciating abscesses. Pets, on the other hand, are more likely to break their teeth thanks to the tendency to chew on things that are too hard.

What Issues Can Your Vet Help With?

Teeth cleaning, broken teeth, deep cleaning (a periodontal disease treatment), extractions, and even the removal of tumors can be done during a single exam/treatment session. These are typically done in the same visit in order to avoid the need to re-anesthetize your pet twice in quick succession.

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