Introducing our New Groomer

Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital would like to welcome our new groomer Jennifer Hollard

We will now be offering full service grooming on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Or call us today at 704-278-8000 to schedule your appointment.



Jennifer began her grooming career 5 years ago in Denver, Colorado where she trained under a master groomer. She is knowledgeable in breed cuts, pet trims, and patterns such as lion cuts. Jennifer takes great pride in ensuring that each and every pet that is in her care not only gets a quality service but is treated with patience and compassion. Whether your pet needs a full haircut, de-shedding service, or just a good bath Jennifer is excited to take on the job. At home Jennifer has both a cat and dog.


Your pet’s good grooming goes beyond a clean and shiny coat. Regular baths can reduce shedding and keep his or her skin healthy, nourished and fresh-smelling.  During your pet's grooming session, I work with our veterinary staff to help identify and address any potential health issues. High quality grooming is important to their overall health. Routine teeth brushing helps to limit dental disease. Ear cleaning can help prevent ear infections. Hair cuts, can help limit tangling/matting as well as potential hygiene problems, such as skin infections.

Rest assured that I will treat your pet with the utmost respect and love and give them the special attention they deserve.


We look forward to pampering your pet, please call us today to schedule your grooming appointment with Jennifer.

Grooming Appointments Available Only on Tuesdays and Thursdays At This Time


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "We are glad you are here to help us with our dogs. It’s nice to have someone we can count on."
    - Brian Hatem
  • "We LOVE Quail Hollow! Always welcoming us and treating our dogs like their own."
    - Lauren Edmiston
  • "Very attentive and they have an excellent service. I’m glad I found them and I’ll definitely bring my Lizzy again."
    - Rosalba Bustos Lopez