Ear Mites

Pet Care Treatment for Ear Mites

Ear mites, also known as otodectes cynotis, are tiny arachnids that feed on the wax and oils of a pet’s ear. Ear mites do not bite the skin of an animal, but rather, cause itchiness. The constant itchiness causes your pet to scratch at the ear, which can prompt serious infections due to lacerations in the ear. Ear mites in dogs and cats can be easily transferred to other pets in the home. It is extremely important to take your pet to Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte for veterinary treatment at the first sign of ear mites.

Pet Has Ear Mites

Signs Your Pet Has Ear Mites

It typically takes about three weeks for ear mites to mature from an egg into an adult, and they can live for about two months in the ear. During those two months, they will continue reproducing. Some of the most common signs of ear mites include:

    • Frequent head shaking
    • Excessively scratching at the ear
    • Scratches behind your pet’s ears
    • A thick black or reddish-brown clusters around the outer ear
    • Coffee ground looking clumps around the ear canal
    • Hearing loss

Getting Rid of Ear Mites

Ear mites are parasites that are simply transmitted through interactions with other infected pets. The best prevention is routine pet care that includes inspecting and cleaning your pet’s ears and washing all bedding and linens to remove ear mite eggs.

Your veterinarian can also inspect your animal’s ears with an otoscope, which is a device that gives the vet a closer look at the eardrum and tympanic membrane, to detect the presence of mites. After cleaning your pet’s ear, your veterinarian can prescribe medication, such as Oridermyl, Millbemite, Advantage Multi, or Ivermectin, to help kill larval and adult forms of ear mites. If your companion animal has an ear infection, our vet may provide medicine to treat it. It is important to follow up with veterinary care after treatment to prevent re-occurring infections.

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