Pet Grooming FAQs

Proper grooming is an integral part of your pet’s care. Grooming not only helps your pet to look good, but it’s also vital for its skin health. Some pets need regular professional grooming appointments because they have long coats or are predisposed to skin-related issues. Whether your pet requires ongoing or occasional grooming sessions, we offer the care your pet needs at Quail Valley Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte, NC. Here are a few common questions pet owners often have about grooming.

Pet Grooming FAQs

Why is grooming so important?

Regular grooming is important for all pets. This helps prevent skin infections, check for hidden parasites, and keep pets attractive and sanitary. Neglecting to groom your pet can cause uncomfortable mats in its coat and other skin problems. Regular nail care prevents damage to long nails. Ear care during a grooming session prevents ear infections and hearing-related issues. If a skin problem is detected during a grooming session, we can provide this information to our vets to ensure your pet receives the necessary testing and treatment it needs. 

How much grooming does my pet need?

The amount of grooming needed for an animal depends on several factors, such as its breed, coat type, how fast the coat grows, and certain health factors. Most breeds need grooming of their coats every 6 to 10 weeks. However, some coat types need more frequent cutting, while others need very little care. The need for nail trimming can also vary, depending on how fast the animal’s nails grow.

When should I bring my puppy in for its first grooming session?

Puppies should be taken to the groomer as soon as possible in order to get them used to the handling, sounds, and smells involved in a grooming session. A few weeks after its last series of puppy vaccinations is a good time to start getting your pet used to being groomed.

How long does a session take?

The length of time needed to groom a dog properly depends on the type of coat and the services required during a session. Washing and fluffing generally take a short time. Cutting, removing matted hair, or the stripping that some coats require generally make the process longer. Nails trimming is a fast and easy process for most pets. We will be sure to let you know how long your pet’s grooming session will be and what will happen during that time.

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