Pet Nutritional Counseling

Your pet's health is as unique as your own. Just like you, your pet needs specific nutrients to live a long, healthy life. However, you can adjust your diet based on your own needs and how you feel. You do not automatically have this same kind of capability with your pet. Outside of allergic reactions, your pet cannot tell you certain foods are making them feel less than stellar.


You also may not realize what kinds of food are needed to improve your pet's health. This is where pet nutritional counseling comes in. This is a special service dedicated to you and your pet. The health needs of your pet are different from the neighbor's pet or those waiting in the vet's office with you. That is exactly why the veterinary staff here at Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital is here to help with all your pet nutritional counseling needs. 

Discover Allergies

You will want to know what your pet is allergic to. Feeding your pet food they are allergic to is a quick way to reduce their overall quality of life. It will also cause them to break out into hives, itch at their skin, and suffer all kinds of other issues. By knowing what their allergies are, you can finally avoid giving them food that is causing more harm than good. 

Know Dietary Requirements

Most pet food will recommend the amount of food you should give your pet based on their size. That is a rather elementary way to determine food serving size. Different pets have different kinds of metabolisms, the same as humans. Likewise, as a pet ages, they will have different dietary requirements than what they might have had as a puppy. Your local Charlotte vet can help you with finding the right dietary needs of your pet. 

Schedule Your Pet Nutritional Counseling Today

Often, you can only guess you are giving your pet what is best for them. Outside of some basic experimenting with the foods they like and dislike, you may feel a bit out of your element when it comes to selecting the right food. It is going to be something they eat day in and day out, so knowing they are enjoying their food while also consuming the right level of nutrients is important.

Call Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital Today!

That is why the staff here at Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte is ready to help you uncover the right dietary requirements of your pet. Schedule a pet nutritional counseling appointment here at the Charlotte office. You are just a phone call away from knowing what is best for your pet. 


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