Puppy and Kitten Care

Providing your new kitten or puppy with proper care is an absolute must to help in keeping your pet in the best of health. Part of caring for young pets is making appointments at Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte to meet with our veterinarian. Here are some puppy and kitten care tactics to keep mind, including why visits to our animal hospital for veterinary care is so important at this stage of your pet's life.

puppy and kitten care

Keep Your Pet Safe with an Assessment of Your Home

Your pet will want to explore your home. Because of the natural curiosity kittens and puppies tend to have, it is important to do an assessment of your home's layout to help keep your pet safe. Get down on all fours and check out the areas your pet will be using so you can notice potential hazards a bit easier. Remove any sharp edges, chemical agents, or strings from these areas to keep your pet free of injuries when roaming around their new home.

Collect the Necessary Items for Comfort

Your new pet requires a few supplies to keep it happy and comfortable. Take a trip to a local pet supply store to obtain the necessary products for this reason. A water bowl and dish is necessary to hold your kitten or puppy's water and food. Purchase a litter box and kitty litter for a new kitten. Buy a leash for a new puppy. Toys made with young pets in mind will encourage your new pet to play and get much-needed exercise. Grooming supplies are also needed to keep your pet comfortable and healthy.

Make an Appointment for an Evaluation with Our Veterinarian

It is important to have your pet evaluated by our veterinarian during this stage of life. Our vet will conduct a full check-up of your pet to determine whether it has any medical conditions present that require treatment. Our vet will check your pet's weight and will make recommendations regarding any dietary changes necessary for optimal health. We will discuss the option of immunizations that would benefit your pet and may administer some of them after your pet's checkup if your pet is old enough. We will also inform you about other preventative measures we recommend for pets including microchipping, spaying or neutering, and parasite prevention medication. Subsequent appointments will be made for your pet to monitor growth and provide necessary examinations.

Contact Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte to make an appointment for your new kitten or puppy. Give our veterinary team a call today at (704) 278-8000. We provide routine exams, preventative care, and emergency services for pets.


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