Senior Pet Care

How to Take Care of a Senior Pet

Aging is a normal part of life, and even pets are not exempted from it. When pets reach their old age, they require specialized geriatric pet care for a healthier and longer life. At Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte, we are committed to taking care of your aging pet. If you suspect your senior pet is not feeling well, we will check them to determine whether there is a problem and offer them treatment. We also provide comprehensive routine physical exams for pets of any age.


How to Care for Your Aging Pet

Give Him or Her an Appropriate Diet

Older pets are less active, which means they risk becoming obese. To avoid this, always ensure your pet eats a balanced diet and food made for senior pets. Your pet might also experience chewing and digestive issues. Giving him or her food with lots of fiber facilitates proper digestion.

Make Him or Her Exercise Regularly

As your dog or cat ages, you might realize they become less active. This could result in excessive weight gain or your pet becoming lethargic. Provide him or her with walks or frequent physical activity and consult our veterinarians on what exercises are suitable for your pet. As your senior pet exercises, monitor this or her breath, and if it seems abnormal, take your pet to our animal hospital.

Take Them for Regular Vet Checkups

As your pet ages, his or her immunity diminishes, making them susceptible to diseases. Taking your pet to our animal hospital ensures that any abnormality is detected early enough before becoming something severe.

Be More Attentive

It is easy to know when your pet is not okay if you pay attention to his or her behavior. Continuously monitor your pet’s eating habits, breathing patterns, and weight gain or loss. If there are significant changes, book an appointment with our veterinarians. If you notice anything abnormal on your pet’s skin, take him or her for a pet dermatology checkup.

Contact Us for Veterinary Pet Care in Charlotte, NC

As your pet ages, he or she requires more attention and monitoring than they used to when they were younger. That’s why we at Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte offer specialized geriatric pet care services. We are committed to making the life of your senior pet comfortable so that you can spend more time together. Contact us today at 704-278-8000 for more information about our senior pet care services.


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