Pet Wellness Exams

An important part of being a responsible pet owner is taking the time to provide your dog or cat with routine wellness examinations. This ensures any medical issues are found quickly and treated before the symptoms escalate. If your pet is ready for an exam, contact Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians for an assessment. Here is a rundown of what happens during a standard pet wellness exam.

kitty receiving pet wellness exam

Your Pet's Medical History Is Recorded

When you first visit our facility for a pet wellness examination, we ask that you fill out some paperwork about your pet's current health. Be sure to write down any medical concerns you may have about your pet so our veterinarian can address them at the time of the exam. This information helps our vet determine whether your pet is suffering from any medical conditions that require treatment. It is also saved for subsequent appointments to help our staff detect any deterioration in your pet’s health since his or her last visit.

Checking Your Pet's Current Health

Our veterinarian will conduct a full examination of your pet's health during the visit. First, your pet's vital signs, such as its weight and temperature, are documented. Next, our veterinarian checks your pet's entire body for potential medical problems. Our veterinarian is gentle and makes pets feel at ease during the session. If a problem is detected, various treatment options will be discussed. Our veterinarian will also provide cleaning procedures, such as scaling your pet's teeth and clipping its claws or nails.

Taking Preventative Measures

During your pet's visit, preventative measures are provided for your pet to help keep it in the best of health. This includes administering vaccinations to ward off diseases, microchipping to help you reunite with your pet if it becomes lost or stolen, and parasite prevention medication to keep pests from causing distress to your pet. Our veterinarian will discuss spaying or neutering your dog or cat if it has not already been altered. If you decide to proceed with this service for your pet, the surgical procedure required will be scheduled for a later date. Each of these preventative measures helps to keep your pet healthy and comfortable.

Pet Wellness Exams in Charlotte, NC

If it is time for your dog or cat's check-up, call Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital today at (704) 278-8000 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians. We look forward to a lasting relationship with you and your pet.


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