TPLO Knee Surgery

Our Charlotte Veterinary Surgeon Provides TPLO Knee Surgery for Pets

TPLO Knee Surgery is pet surgery most commonly performed on dogs to treat a torn or ruptured caudal cruciate ligament, most commonly referred to as the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). If your pet is suffering from this issue and you want to eliminate their pain, it is essential to talk to our Charlotte veterinarian here at Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital.

dog getting ready to receive tplo surgery from his veterinarian

Reasons Your Dog May Need This Surgery in Charlotte

TPLO or Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy surgery is an essential orthopedic treatment that is designed for pets who have torn their ACL or cranial cruciate ligament. While both cats and dogs can suffer from this injury, cats do not usually require surgery as often as dogs. This injury commonly affects work dogs, such as Newfoundlands, Labrador retrievers, Rottweilers, German shepherds, and golden retrievers.

TPLO knee surgery is useful if your dog's ACL is not healing properly or if they have torn it multiple times. It works to improve their stability by working around the damaged area. This surgery cuts away the damaged bone and rotates the tibial plateau to prevent it from sliding backward. As a result, your dog will suffer from less severe pain. 

Why Anesthesia is So Important for This Surgery 

Going through the anesthesia process is critical for the safety of your dog and the success of this procedure. The pain from their torn ACL is likely to make them jumpy or nervous about people working near their legs. They are also going to be uncomfortable at the vet's office, especially if you have to leave them alone during surgery. 

As a result, they may react poorly, jerk around during the surgery, or even bite the vet. These problems make it necessary to put your dog under anesthesia. It also helps to protect them from severe pain by ensuring they are asleep while the surgery is underway. The process of choosing a proper anesthetic for your dog and dosing it is taken very seriously in our office to ensure their safety. 

Taking Care of Your Pet After Knee Surgery 

There are several steps that you need to consider to keep your pet safe after knee surgery. The most obvious is confining their movements as much as possible. They need a lot of rest to recover and to avoid stressing their knee. A brace helps to keep their knee from moving too much. You may also want to give them pain medication to slightly sedate them and limit their movement. A crate with comfortable blankets and bedding can also be useful. 

Contact Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte, NC for TPLO Surgery for Your Dog or Cat

If your pet needs TPLO knee surgery or any other veterinary services, please don't hesitate to contact us at Quail Hollow Veterinary Hospital. Our Charlotte veterinarians provide exceptional and caring services to protect your pets and keep them at ease, call us at 704-278-8000 to learn more. 


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